“I Solemnly Swear…”

Welcome to my blog.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “maraud” as an intransitive verb meaning to roam about and raid in search of plunder. Not as light hearted as JK Rowling made it seem (see Marauder’s Map), but then again, leave it to her to make the story of an orphan destined to die and destroy the world’s most prolific serial killer with dark magic a children’s novel.

After reading this definition I was tempted to change the name of this blog to something friendlier that doesn’t invoke the image of viking terrorism. But I decided to keep the title because it is actually quite fitting. I definitely do a lot of roaming. I raid the world of experiences, wringing out every possible lesson from the earth and soaking in every possible emotion from its inhabitants. The treasures I plunder are golden-hued memories, new friendships, stories, knowledge, and philosophies.

So in that sense, I am a marauding M.A.P. (Midori Anne Patterson), and I hope that the thoughts and photos that I post will satisfy whatever need inspired you to open this website in the first place.

This started as a travel blog for my semester abroad in Madrid in fall 2015, however, as time continues, so do the stories. In addition to travel posts, you’ll find assignments from a CU course titled WRTG 3090: Digital Storytelling.

This blog is primarily for me. But it’s also for you, family or friend or acquaintance, to keep up with me as I find joy, inspiration, and knowledge in places near and far.


Mischief Managed.